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It is a successful

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A holistic medical system,

focuses on restoring balance 

in your body, mind and spirit. 

An ancient medical 

system originated over 5000

years ago in India

Our Ayurvedic consultation revolves around you (Rogi) and your health issues (Roga). Through a comprehensive approach rooted in Ayurvedic principles, we uncover your unique constitution (Prakriti) using questions, observations, prognosis, and treatment. While we address the imbalances and dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), guiding you towards harmonious well-being.

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Shanali De Rose is an Ayurvedic practitioner with a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary application. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of CAM with individuals in New Zealand. Shanali trained at the esteemed Ayurveda Institute UK and is now able to integrate Eastern Ayurvedic medicine into the Western context. She offers you a chance to explore the transformative potential of Ayurveda.


De Rose


De Rose</>

Member of Natural Health Practitioners NZ (NHPNZ) Association of Ayurveda Practitioners United Kingdom (AAPUK) Ayurvedic Practitioner DipPrac(Ayur)- Ayurveda Institute UK​, Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant DipALN(Ayur)- Ayurveda Institute UK, Master of Education (MEd) – Victoria University, Wellington, NZ.


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Why Us

  • Our Personalized Wellness Plan will include herbal remedies, oils, tonics, and lifestyle adjustments offering prevention and relief.
  • We have the knowledge and skills to practice the Eastern Ayurvedic approach in the Western world.


G. P. - Wellington

I’m so glad I decided to try those herbal remedies with you. Not just It helped immensely with my runny nose condition, I must say I felt better overall. I think it also helped regulate my bowel movements, and the schedule of remedies sort of made me drink lots of water so I stayed well hydrated ( this helped me reduce the number of tea/coffee I took, which was added benefit 😊) Thanks again for introducing me to these natural remedies. I’m looking forward to our next consultation.

M. G. Wellington

After I started taking the herbs you provided me with, I started feeling much better within the first three days. Also I felt more energetic throughout the time I was taking the herbs and I think it also helped my acid reflux. I also get headaches sometimes due to gastric issues but throughout the treatment I did not see any headaches. So overall I think I felt so much better and I am still feeling better even though I have finished the herbs.

Karmyn Lyons

Shanali is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and has been living the lifestyle forever. Shanali is very kind and gentle in her recommendations and suggestions not making sweeping changes or suggesting a heap of tonics or tinctures all at once.

Alicia Bunge

Friendly and professional consultation; I feel understood and can already see improvements after a couple of weeks of treatment.

Supriya Rathod

Shanali is a huge part of my wellbeing journey and I would recommend her to anyone looking for holistic healing and wellbeing.